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Expanding Your Fine Jewellery Collection

Shared Ownership Vault Subscription
Fall in Love Find the perfect must have piece in our vault, “Love it” to add it to your Covett List or simply place it in the cart to pay your deposit. Fall in love with our fine jewellery included in the Vault subscription. Please click here 
to explore.
Invest Each piece has only four available shares to purchase, so make sure if you covet it, you Covett it by placing a deposit on your share (25% of share price). We will notify you when the piece is ready for wear and the balance is to be paid.

Subscribe for one of our annual memberships, each membership plan gives you access to the Covett Vault to borrow the piece of your choice for five consecutive days.

We have three subscriptions plans available –Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Meet the Team We love to meet every one of our co-owners, as it is the cornerstone of our personalised white glove approach to shared ownership. Once you have paid your deposit, a member of our team will reach out to you to set up an appointment. We love to meet every one of our subscribers, as it is the cornerstone of our personalised white glove approach. Once you have purchased a subscription, a member of our team will reach out to you to set up an appointment.
Reserve You choose the dates that you would like to wear your Covetted piece and our white glove concierge team does the rest. Special dates can be reserved a year in advance, while monthly wear is scheduled quarterly. As a co-owner you have access to borrow other pieces from both of the Covett Vaults, when available. Simply click the ‘Borrow’ button and select your dates. Dates can be reserved via your mobile or laptop on the Covett platform. Reserve the fine jewellery piece you would like to wear for each occasion in advance, via our website; simply click the ‘Borrow’ button and select your dates.
Enjoy Your Covett piece will be delivered in pristine condition, every time, just like the first time. You can relax and enjoy, because Covett takes care of everything, including insuring your piece for loss or theft. See our FAQs to learn more. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the piece of fine jewellery you’ve chosen. Covett will deliver your chosen piece in pristine condition to your preferred address. Covett will take care of everything, including insuring the piece for loss or theft.
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Apply to become a Covettist

We’re serious about the safety and security of our members. Every single member who co-owns or borrows on Covett must be vetted and completed our ID verification process.

Our process for becoming a Covettist involves three steps:

ID Verification

The process takes less than 60 seconds to complete. We will ask for basic personal information (like name, address, birthday and phone number). We also ask for your driver’s licence or passport. If our third party provider is unable to verify you, we may ask for additional information such as a picture of you holding your driver’s licence. Be pre-approved today

Please note: Your ID documentation is not stored by us. All documentation is held by a secure third party and will not be shared with other lenders or renters. All data is transmitted and stored using encryption technology.

Welcome Appointment

For insurance purposes, we meet all new co-owners and subscribers at their place of residence to review and sign the Covett Co-owner Terms and Conditions before the pieces can be delivered. Once you pay your deposit or subscription fee, we will reach out to you to make an appointment.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

All co-owners and subscribers must agree to the Covett Terms and Conditions which provides a comprehensive description of the responsibility of both parties. This will be completed at the time of purchase. You can review the required Terms and Conditions here:

Co-owners’ Ts&Cs

Subscribers’ Ts&Cs