Elsa Navarette

Elsa Navarrete

Covett Vault Favourite Piece:

Art Deco Diamond Bangle

Most Coveted Piece:

Bulgari Divas Dream Earrings

About Elsa

Elsa Navarrete has always had a deep appreciation of the beautiful things in life. Jewellery being one of her obsessions since a young age, from saving her babysitting money to buy a heart shaped ring with a diamond in the middle when she was only 11, to spending her first paycheck as a professional actress on a diamond necklace. She is an avid gemstone and jewellery collector.

Elsa has a Business Degree with a Psychology minor but was swept into the limelight, spending many years in the TV industry as an exclusive actress in Mexico working for Televisa, Latin America’s largest TV station.

She left the limelight and decided to follow her passion for the jewellery business, working directly for the biggest and most senior gemstone buyer, Jay Boyle, for Jewelry Television (JTV) in the United States. While she worked at the Jay Boyle Company she fell in love with the gemstones, learning to appreciate the unique qualities of each stone, propelling her to formally study Colored Gemstones, Diamonds, and Pearls at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Elsa helped develop and grow the jewellery branch at JBC, because she believed each special gemstone deserved a beautiful setting and she would be pained at seeing her “babies” in anything that was not the right standard of beauty and quality. Elsa began to assist her customers in selecting a jewellery design worthy of the top quality gemstones they purchased. She also acted as the liaison/gemstone whisperer between the customer and the jeweller in order to create a unique bespoke piece. She is an Accredited Jewellery Professional certified by the GIA. Upon her return to Mexico, Elsa completed a Master’s degree in Jungian Psychotherapy, and set up a practice in Mexico City. She hopes she can continue to help people in London, either by private counselling or volunteering for organizations who deal with mental health issues. Elsa is a citizen of the world having been raised in France, Mexico, Switzerland, USA, Brasil, Italy and now making London her home. She is an avid dog lover, has a strong ecological those of recycle, reuse, and protect the earth, and a world traveller. When not curating the Covett vault, Elsa enjoys baking, seeing her psychotherapy patients and volunteering for several organisations in London.