12 Days of Christmas Interview with Zeemou Zeng

12 Days of Christmas Interview with Zeemou Zeng

Please introduce yourself. 

I’m Zeemou Zeng, founder and designer for eponymous label ZEEMOU ZENG, we specialise in distinctive contemporary fine jewellery and modern luxury crystal. 

I originally studied interior and architecture design in China, followed by an MA course in Designer Making at the University of the Arts London. Later, I was selected for the Royal College of Art 'Innovation incubator' where I further developed the vision for my own jewellery collection and label. 
My design philosophy is to create unique pieces which possess both functionality and beauty. My breadth of design studies has influenced the way I approaches design in that I always try to find an innovative and surprising solutions in my designs. 


In my early career, I have been lucky enough to have won several awards, including “Bright Young Gem” by International Jewellery London 2018, two Gold Awards at the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards, known as the UK ‘Jewellery Oscars’, as well as named “Young Jewellery Designer of the Year 2020” at the UK Jewellery Awards. I feel very lucky and honoured to gain recognition and praise from the jewellery industry. 



Tell us about when you first discovered that jewellery was a passion? 


I have always, since I was very young, been passionate about art and designing. I started professional training in drawing from an early age. Later, I got more and more fascinated by working with different materials to create art works, metal, porcelain, and crystal glass, which is my most favourite. I made my first jewellery probably 14 years ago, but it wasn’t fine jewellery, I was more focusing on exploring mixed materials and concepts.  


I used to work as an interior design after my degree, I do enjoy being an interior designer, however, I know it won't be my lifetime job, as I knew I have a true passion for creating and making art works, such as jewellery. So, I quit my job and came to London for a master degree. The postgraduate course I did in Designer Making at University of the Arts London allows artists to re-assert the position of craft examined within the context of contemporary design discourse, society, and humanity, to develop a project from a proposal to the final exhibit, by exploring new and existing materials and processes. The studies have influenced the way I approaches design in that I always try to find an innovative and surprising solutions in my designs. I think I made a wise decision to come to London, living and studying here has really helped me find myself and enabled me to follow my heart. Here I find I can devote myself to jewellery design with passion, following my own vision.




Which piece of jewellery would you never be without during the holidays, and why?


Rings, I think rings are the essentials for both men and for women's jewellery collection, it not only adds glamorous to complete any looks, but also stands out easily and it makes a statement.  



Which piece of jewellery would you put under your tree… for yourself?  


I love wear rings, so I think my Impressionists Cobalt Black ring in 18k yellow gold, set with black Onyx beads would be perfect. It is a very unique ring that can be worn on any occasion. 

 Cobalt Black III

If you could share one piece of your jewellery with anyone - what would you share and with who? 


I would love to share my diamond band from the latest Heart collection. Inspired by the Finger Heart sign - the thumb and index finger of one hand crossed to form a heart shape - which is now recognised as a sign of love or adoration. This collection is a joyous celebration of love and romance post pandemic. The ring features a central dazzling Drop cut diamond which slides from left to right to open to form a ‘Heart’ and reveal the beautiful pave diamond setting beneath. It is a very unique and classic piece celebrating hope and love that can be worn on any occasion. 
And which piece from the Covett Vault is first on your list to welcome 2022 with, and why?

I would say The Melody Cocktail ring set with pave diamonds and Fuli Gemstones Peridot. 


Melody Cocktail Ring

Melody cocktail ring is one of our signature pieces which already had many collectors from London, US, Mid-Eastern, Singapore and China. In 2020, we collaborated with the world biggest peridot mining company Fuli Gemstones brought peridot to our Melody cocktail ring, which plays on movement. Hand-polished peridot beads are trapped in columns of diamond pave setting that hold them securely but allow the gems to roll from side to side with a pleasant clacking sound. It’s a very pleasant and unique piece.

Other than that, peridot is one of my most favourite gemstones. I love its incredible lime-green hue, and green symbolises hope and rebirth. Peridot is known as the ‘gem of the sun’ with healing powers that can ward off fear, insecurity, and anxiety. I wish this special ring would bring more hope, joy and love to anyone who wears it.  

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