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Covett unlocks the value in fine jewellery by providing access to our Vault through co-ownership or subscription.

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Friendship. Sharing. Living in abundance and joy. This is where Covett was born.

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Why Covett?

Covett is the revolutionary way of owning your favourite jewellery pieces. We are redefining wealth by sharing the value in fine jewellery.

Our smart ownership model allows our co-owners to wear their jewellery pieces every month at a fraction of the cost to purchase them outright.

We deliver the ultimate concierge service: finding, securing, caring for, and delivering your favourite pieces of jewellery for you to wear every month on the days you choose.

Sentimental and everyday jewellery you should own; for everything else there’s Covett.

The Gift of Covett

Give the gift that ensures your jewellery lover has a lifetime of moments to treasure as they enjoy their experience with more of the jewellery they love.

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Join the Covettist Movement

The Covettist movement is about smart ownership, which allows you to enjoy the fine jewellery of your dreams without the hassles of comparison shopping, insurance, cleaning or maintenance. Our brokers and partners secure the best value for Covett’s co-owners. Every piece is fully insured for both loss and theft. You just wear and enjoy.

Our community of Covettists are jewellery lovers and enthusiasts who want to own more of the fine jewellery of their dreams. Independent of where you are in your journey as a jewellery lover, whether you are aspiring for that iconic designer piece or you are topping off your treasure chest, Covett is the intelligent, joyous and safe way to own more of the jewellery you dream of.

Covettists are certain that sharing is the best value for this new world. Come and be part of the Covett world, where luxury and community are interwoven in our values.

Join the fine jewellery revolution by becoming a Covettist today.



"I really needed something to stand out and sparkle for my brother's wedding, but I also knew I wouldn't want to wear that piece again so I had been looking around for a while until Covett came to the rescue. I loved that I got to utilise Covett and to be a part of this sustainable journey just made the earrings feel that more special."

Salma H, London, UK

"I have been a client of Covett for over 3 years now. I was one of their first adopters as I am big supporter of the ‘sharing economy’ and I considered Covett a smart way to invest in jewellery, whilst also indulging in it. I get a sense of excitement when my beautiful diamond bracelet arrives for me to enjoy one week a month. My own jewellery collection is more classic and I am loving having something special that I would never have bought for myself."

Andrea N, London, UK

As a conservationist and model, the Covett service provides an indulgent, yet conscious way to make occasion dressing stand out. Cynthia and her team are the most accommodating and a great resource when deciding what to pair with a given look. I have had so many lasting memories in my Covett loans from London Fashion Week to charity balls. 

Isabel F., London UK

"There a several things I love about Covett. First, of course, are the sparkles; they have such beautiful jewellery, but also I really loved the opportunity to try new things. The service is hassle free and everything is taken care of for you. You have all the convenience without the commitment. It’s simply a great service."

Mary P, London, UK

What’s not to love about this wonderful service!  Covett gives me access to beautiful, unusual and stylish jewellery for those special occasions or just because.  A stunning array of pieces to choose from, Covett never fails to delight. I cannot recommend Covett highly enough.

Clare F.
London, UK

“As someone whose job requires an epic amount of social engagements, Covett provided me with the perfect solution to keep things fresh. The choices between the subscription service and co-owning pieces allows for ultimate flexibility and is such a clever way to not waste money and space on items you don’t wear frequently. It’s a brilliant concept that I am keen to watch grow and flourish!”

Karrie G.
London, UK

”What I love about Covett is that it provides access to a beautifully curated selection of unique luxury jewellery at a fraction of the retail price. It was love at first sight when I saw my bracelet”

Debbie H.
London, UK

Covett … I mean what’s not to love? It’s like being a child again, opening up your mum’s jewellery box, hoping, wishing that one day you too will have access to such precious gems. Covett has made that possible.
Stunning Jewellery I could not normally dream of wearing, hand delivered (and collected) at a location of my choice, sparkling as new and fully insured. Ready to wear and enjoy for the agreed loan period. In these times of sustainability, recycling and being environmentally aware, Covett couldn’t be more relevant.Thank You for such a wonderful service!

Giulia D.
London, UK

I loved sharing a joy of my partner birthday celebration with extra sparkle from @covetluxury. Such a great selection of unique jewellery pieces and great customer service. Diamond chandelier earnings delivered to my door and pick up all arranged with great care and great flexibility. Subscription enables you to borrow the piece of your choice for five consecutive days and you can reserve in advance to ensure you enjoy the piece of your choice every time. Thank you Covett for adding the spark to everyday celebrations!

Gosia S.
London, UK